Celebrities Who Were Athletes First….

21. Mark Harmon – Football (UCLA QB)
20. Jason Statham – National Diving Team
19. Kurt Russell – Baseball (Angels AA)
18. Tina Fey -Tennis
17. Ryan Seacrest – Football
16. Jon Stewart – Soccer (William & Mary)
15. Terry Crews – Football (NFL)
14. Bill Cosby – Football/Basketball
13. Sheryl Crow – Track (Hurdles)
12. Michael Warren – Basketball (UCLA Champion)
11. George HW Bush – Baseball (Yale)
10. Jason Sudeikis – Basketball
9. Steve Carell – Hockey
8. Dean Cain – Football (Princeton)
7. Burt Reynolds – Football (Florida St.)
6. Carl Weathers- Football (SDSU)
5. Ed Oneil – Football (Ohio Univ)
4. George Clooney – Baseball
3. Matthew Fox – Columbia Football
2. Phil Robertson – Football (Louisiana Tech QB)
1. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – Football (Miami Univ)

As fans we always enjoy seeing our favorite stars sitting “Courtside” at major sporting events or who show their skills in a celebrity basketball fundraiser.   But what about the celebs that really have game ?  Before they performed to sold out arenas, became our favorite character on the boob tube every week  or action heroes on the big screen, some of these same stars were no slouch on the field and actually were pretty damn good athletes.

Check out the celebs who were star athletes before we even knew their name:

Hanging Out During The Off Season

Have you ever wondered what pro athletes  do during their down time.  Its not always practice in the day and parties at night.  Even though many of them make more money in a week than most of us make in a year, its pretty cool to know many of our favorite athlete’s hobbies aren’t that much different than you and me.

21. Rojon Rondo Rollerskating
20. Chris Paul Bowling
19. Tiger Woods Spear Fishing
18. Karl Malone Truck Driver
17. ryan-klesko_hunting
16. brad penny hunting
15. Randy Moss Nascar
14. MIke Tyson Pigeons(2)
13. Hercshel Walker Ballet
12. paul pierce poker
11. amare_stoddenmeyer fishing
10. shawn kelly fishing
9. artest rapping
8. Tim Duncan DD
7. brady waterslide
6. Joe-johnson-shoes_display_image
5. aaron rodgers guitar
4. beckham playing golf
3. tony parker jet pack
2. Daniel Agger Tattoing
1. nfl player choir

20 Hottest Women Basketball Players

There’s nothing better than a tall and athletic women.  As the sport continues to grow around the world, the ladies playing the game are only getting hotter.  Check out our list of the 20 sexiest professional and college women in basketball across the country

20. Swin Cash
Currently Retired19. Kathleen Nash
18. Alysha Clark
17. Meghan Gardler
16. Penny Taylor
15. Lauren Jackson
14. Emanuela Salopek
13. Kristin Nash
12. Keyla Snowden
11. Candice Wiggins
10. Ellena Delle Donne
9. Kayte Christensen
8. Tiffany Suarez
7. Jennifer Lacy
6. Maria Stepnova
5. Becky Hammon
4. Candice Parker
3. Claudia Lampe Porras
2. Antonija Misura
1. Skylar Diggins