Warriors’ Steph Curry is pretty impressed with Oklahoma freshman Trae You
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It’s time to add Warriors All-Star Stephen Curry to the growing list of NBA stars who are impressed by what freshman Trae Young is doing at Oklahoma.

Following Golden State’s win over the Dallas Mavericks on Wednesday night, Curry raved about the Norman, Oklahoma product, calling him “unbelievable.”

“Just the confidence that he plays with,” Curry said. “I call it flair, but it seems like he’s always composed and knows what he’s trying to do with the ball in his hand. He shoots a lot of deep 3s and has a creativity to his game that’s cool to watch.”

Like Curry, Young has a knack for draining long bombs with ease. It has led to endless comparisons between the two guards, which Curry brushed off.

“Comparisons are what they are,” he said. “But I know that when you turn on a game and watch them play, you’re just watching him on the floor where he is at all times. And that kind of magnetism is pretty special in the college game. You expect that to continue. He’s fun to watch.”

Young is leading the NCAA in scoring (29.4 points per game) and assists (10.6 per game) for the seventh-ranked Sooners, who are 12-1 and now 2-0 in Big 12 play. Behind Young’s red-hot 47.1 percent accuracy from the field and 40.2 mark from the 3-point line, the comparisons between he and Curry will likely continue.

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