Earl “The Goat” Manigault

earl the goat

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It’s always great to see celebrities give back to their communities, empowering kids to stay off the streets and giving hope to everyone to dream big. It is a little extra special, in my opinion, when this person who’s helping others is still a part of their community, and didn’t sell millions of albums or sign with an NBA team… yet NBA stars show him respect and he has had a character based off of him in an HBO movie. Earl “The Goat” Manigault, known for his street ball skills, is using the game to help prevent kids from getting into drugs.

Watch this great tribute to “The Goat”. Who is one of your favorite street ballers?

Freddie Roach Predicts: MANNY CAN KNOCK HIM OUT!

This is the fight we all have been waiting for and the moment is getting closer to reality!!
Neal Johnson of HoopJab speaks to Freddie Roach, Manny Pacquaio’s trainer, after the announcement of a Pacquaio vs Mayweather fight. Roach is confident in Manny’s mission to knock him OUT.
Roach is not only a good trainer but he also is usually spot on his predictions. And he is pretty secure about this decision…..


Lebron James JR has MAJOR game!

They say “like father like son” and it seems like history is repeating itself on this one.

We love seeing generations of greats in the making and this one might be unbelievable to deny. A 10 Year old that is already on his way to following in his father’s footsteps.

The apple in this video being LeBron James, Jr. and the tree is LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Little LeBron is zigzagging through his opponents dressed in green. This apple doesn’t fall far from the James family tree.

Take a look at LBJ Jr’s skills, HE IS KILLING IT! I would imagine this is what LeBron looked like when he was his son’s age…..

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The Awesome Front Flip Throw In

Its nothing like seeing a great play in sports.. A young HS player brought back one of my favorites last week with the infamous front flip throw in for a goal in soccer. Rules state as long as someone touches the ball before it gets in the goal it is good,  so this young man now has a soccer highlight goal  to share with family and friends for years to come.  Check it out:


Here is another:


And one more:


Amazing.  Simply amazing!!


The Boys Are Back In Town..

I can’t believe my favorite show on HBO ever, ENTOURAGE  is finally coming to the big screen.  After eight incredible seasons, there has been constant buzz on the net that the fellas would have a reunion on the big screen.  Well the trailer for the movie has been released and all us fans can now breathe a sigh of relief that, yes, this is really happening.  It looks like they pick up right where the series left off (except for Turtle looking 50 lbs lighter) with Vince making his big budget movie with Ari.  So I don’t spoil anything else for you, check out the trailer below…

It looks even better than I thought it would. Cant wait til it comes out.  I will definitely be there on opening day….

Football Players Have Hops Too !!

I was trolling through the internet the other day and ran across a video of  Arkansas defensive end Trey Flowers’ box jump. Now it is nothing new for top tier basketball players to jump really high, but when I saw the clip of the 6’4? 268 lb. senior jumping almost 5 ft in the air off the vertical, it truly let me know I could never ….. ever have  played pro football. I already knew he was strong and fast (lead team in sacks and tackles for loss), but after watching the video of this guy’s natural ability, it assured me that he is a true athletic specimen and is ready for the next level. Any NFL team would be lucky to have him.


Here are a couple of other videos that are even more ridiculous


Even more impressive is the athletic freak and probably best defensive player in football, JJ Watts box jump of 55″. Remember this guys is 6’5″ and 289 lbs. Scary!!!

Just to give you an idea on how far the evolution of athletes has really come, check out the clip of the World Record Standing Box Jump below..Wow…just….. Wow!!

How To Airball 2 Free Throws In a Row

Its always amusing when you see pro players (especially the big men) airball a free throw.  But when you see a guard shoot two air balls in a row … it’s classic.  Well Orlando Magic rookie guard Elfrid Payton did just that during Wednesday night’s game against the Los Angeles Clippers.  Not a total  aberration, The 6’4” rookie sensation is a pretty  awful free throw shooter, draining about 45% from the line this season.

This is how you airball two free throws in a row:

Elfrid isn’t alone, check out Andre Drummond doing his best impersonation:

Not to be outdone,  here is Blake Griffin letting two ducks fly himself: