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Danny Green: Coaching a Champion


Champions are not born, they go through years of practice and sacrifice. Some benefit from listening to their coaches and others push themselves to prove they are better than everyone expected.

When I coached FiveStar Basketball, there was one player who you might all know from his outstanding 3 point percentage.

Danny Green was in my team huddle and now he is a champion. This moment was a top 10 coaching experience for me.

Green’s potential was there: fast, good shooter and a natural leader. But, as a coach my role was to provide and promote each player’s capability.  I offered him a choice to enhance his defense and he listened. I wanted these talent athletes to realize that working as a team and as individuals was a win in itself.

Watching Green win his first championship this year proved that he had become what he set out to be.


So Panda friends, I’ve been in the gym working hard all summer. I’ve been at the Clipper gym almost everyday, with the exception of the last week. And to see the way Blake Griffin is working is such a delight!


As Floyd Mayweather would say:
Screenshot - 9_9_2014 , 1_06_52 AMBlake was the first man in the gym and the last man out. Reminds me of someone named Ron Artest. The drive, the heart, the hunger, the taste of a finals appearance, the desire of a ring.
Blake_Griffin_elevates_for_a_slam_during_his_workout_with_the_ClippersThere is no secret to success. But there is a magic trick: Hard Work & Dedication.