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The Awesome Front Flip Throw In

Its nothing like seeing a great play in sports.. A young HS player brought back one of my favorites last week with the infamous front flip throw in for a goal in soccer. Rules state as long as someone touches the ball before it gets in the goal it is good,  so this young man now has a soccer highlight goal  to share with family and friends for years to come.  Check it out:


Here is another:


And one more:


Amazing.  Simply amazing!!


The Boys Are Back In Town..

I can’t believe my favorite show on HBO ever, ENTOURAGE  is finally coming to the big screen.  After eight incredible seasons, there has been constant buzz on the net that the fellas would have a reunion on the big screen.  Well the trailer for the movie has been released and all us fans can now breathe a sigh of relief that, yes, this is really happening.  It looks like they pick up right where the series left off (except for Turtle looking 50 lbs lighter) with Vince making his big budget movie with Ari.  So I don’t spoil anything else for you, check out the trailer below…

It looks even better than I thought it would. Cant wait til it comes out.  I will definitely be there on opening day….

Football Players Have Hops Too !!

I was trolling through the internet the other day and ran across a video of  Arkansas defensive end Trey Flowers’ box jump. Now it is nothing new for top tier basketball players to jump really high, but when I saw the clip of the 6’4? 268 lb. senior jumping almost 5 ft in the air off the vertical, it truly let me know I could never ….. ever have  played pro football. I already knew he was strong and fast (lead team in sacks and tackles for loss), but after watching the video of this guy’s natural ability, it assured me that he is a true athletic specimen and is ready for the next level. Any NFL team would be lucky to have him.


Here are a couple of other videos that are even more ridiculous


Even more impressive is the athletic freak and probably best defensive player in football, JJ Watts box jump of 55″. Remember this guys is 6’5″ and 289 lbs. Scary!!!

Just to give you an idea on how far the evolution of athletes has really come, check out the clip of the World Record Standing Box Jump below..Wow…just….. Wow!!

How To Airball 2 Free Throws In a Row

Its always amusing when you see pro players (especially the big men) airball a free throw.  But when you see a guard shoot two air balls in a row … it’s classic.  Well Orlando Magic rookie guard Elfrid Payton did just that during Wednesday night’s game against the Los Angeles Clippers.  Not a total  aberration, The 6’4” rookie sensation is a pretty  awful free throw shooter, draining about 45% from the line this season.

This is how you airball two free throws in a row:

Elfrid isn’t alone, check out Andre Drummond doing his best impersonation:

Not to be outdone,  here is Blake Griffin letting two ducks fly himself:

Sean Garnier Has Insane Freestyle Football Skills

We have all seen the videos of b-ball players doing amazing tricks with the basketball, but have you ever heard of Séan Garnier? The freestyle football star hails from Sens in France and has the skills to make a soccer ball do some of the dopest tricks I have ever seen. Injuries eventually would  force Séan to abandon his dream of a career as a professional footballer, but in 2006 he discovered a new passion that combined break dancing and football that helped form the urban art of freestyle football that we know today.

Sean Garnier

Sean Garnier

Considered as one of the most skillful football players in the world, he is currently sponsored by Red Bull and combines music, breakdance, somersaults and various football and basketball elements to his crazy routines. In addition to practise football freestyle, he also practices this sportive discipline in matches, more precisely in the form of soccer variations such as street soccer, futsal, profutsal or panna and is the actual captain of a French profutsal team Massaliotes.   In 2008, he was declared World Champion at the inaugural Red Bull Street Style World Finals in São Paulo, Brazil and he has now formed his own team dubbed Street Style Society also called S3 Crew, which combines freestyle football, freestyle basketball as well as some other street sport styles.

Here is Séan Garnier atYouTube offices showing off of the skills that have made him a world champion.

Here is Garnier vs Neymar at The Red Bull Street Style Championships:

You Have to Check Out – Tom “Conman” Connors


Hey folks, have you ever heard of Con-man Connors?   Well for those of you who haven’t, I just wanted to share with you one of the sickest basketball entertainers in the world. I know many of you have seen games and videos of the AND1  street team and stars like Hot Sauce, Sic Wit It and the Professor, but believe me when I say this guy tops them all.  Honestly quite a few tricks that the AND1 guys perform they probably first saw  done by the Con-Man!!


He is a household name in Europe with his travelling team SBX and currently hold 15 Guinness book world records. He has been  on a variety of TV shows and was even featured in his own TV series on the Extreme Sport Channel. He has performed at thousands of events worldwide at exhibitions basketball games, trade shows, awards dinners, corporate events and private parties.

He is an inspiration for so many young kids and also does tutorials on how to do some of his best moves. I strongly suggest you go to YouTube or his website ( and check this guy out. I promise you won’t be disappointed.  I added one of my favorite videos below for your enjoyment.

The Bounce Pass Touchdown

North Point high school in Maryland pulled off the ultimate trick play in a 42-0 shutout against La Plata high school on the perfect night for tricks, Halloween.  Not only did the quarterback throw the perfect  lateral bounce pass to the receiver to keep the ball live, but the receiver then chucks the ball 30+ yards down field to the other streaking receiver for the touchdown.

Check out the bounce pass lateral here….



You know we are big MMA fans around here…or at least I am.  Well I dat to share probably the coldest knockout I have seen this year in WMMA.  Like I said before, these ladies are no joke!  Once you watch the video you will see what I mean.

At BlackOut Fighting Championship 26 in Kansas City,MO amateur bantamweight prospect Jessica Middleton knocked the holy terror out of  Holly Torrez  with a perfectly timed spinning back fist.  I mean it looked just like a video game.  We were glad to hear Ms Torrez was finally able to get to her feet and reports are she is ok.

Here is the video:

Sorority Girl Has Skills with Amazing TD Run

Check out this amazing video of Delta Gamma sorority member Michelle Roque, (a former high school soccer player)  break the ankles of  Zeta Tau Alpha  girls as she runs for incredible touchdown all in the name of a great cause.

Members of Florida State’s chapter of Beta Theta Pi organized a sorority flag football event to raise money for United Way of the Big Bend and unknowingly have become part of the the best intramural football run of the year.

The folks over at Max Preps were lucky enough to be on the scene and catch the whole thing on video.

By the way Roque’s Delta Gamma sorority won the game and the charity event raised around $2000 for a great organization.