NBA’s investigation clears Cavaliers in decision to sign and immediately re
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The saga of Pat McCaw can finally be put to rest. 

After an investigation into the Cleveland Cavaliers‘ decision to sign McCaw to a two-year, $6M deal and then waive him after three games, the NBA has found no wrongdoing. Via the league’s press release:

The NBA announced today that it has completed its investigation into the Cleveland Cavaliers’ signing and subsequent waiver of Patrick McCaw. Based on the specific facts and circumstances of this matter, the NBA found that there was no violation of the league’s Collective Bargaining Agreement, including the anti-circumvention rules. 

A second-round draft pick in 2016, McCaw won two straight NBA titles with the Golden State Warriors in his first two seasons. But this summer, he decided to move on from the team and declined their qualifying offer. But because he was a restricted free agent, the Warriors could match any deal another team offered him, and this made things difficult for him. 

After sitting out the first two-plus months of the season, McCaw finally agreed to a two-year, $6M offer sheet with the Cavaliers. While that isn’t a crazy amount of money, it was far too steep of a price for the Warriors, who are already dealing with a ridiculous luxury tax bill. It turned out though, that $6M was also too much for the Cavaliers, so they waived McCaw before his deal would become fully guaranteed. 

The whole thing was a crafty bit of maneuvering by the Cavs, who will be back in action on Wednesday night when they face the Blazers (10 p.m. ET — Watch on FuboTV with NBA League Pass extension), and it’s easy to see how the Warriors would be annoyed by their tactics. In this specific case, it’s hard to feel too bad for the Warriors, though, as they could have just matched the offer sheet if they really wanted McCaw.

In the end, the Cavaliers got a cheap look at a young wing, and ultimately decided to move on. McCaw signed with the Raptors, and the whole adventure is now over. 

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