NBA Rookie Power Rankings: Luka Doncic already separating from the pack; te
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Is Luka Doncic this year’s Ben Simmons? The Philadelphia 76ers star, despite his contested rookie status, dominated the Rookie Rankings for most of last season, only receiving late competition from a surging Donovan Mitchell. After missing out on the top spot in the first set of rankings, Doncic is now No. 1 for the second straight week, with no signs of slowing.

Below him is Wendell Carter Jr., whose consistency and two-way ability make him stand out among other first-year big men. There are also a couple of surprise entries this week, with New York Knicks guard Allonzo Trier coming out of nowhere with a strong series of games, and Landry Shamet becoming an important part of the 76ers rotation.

Here are this week’s NBA Rookie Power Rankings.

This week’s NBA Rookie Power Rankings

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