Joseph Girard breaks New York State scoring record.
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Records are made to be broken.

Glens Falls High School guard Joseph Girard III breaks Former Lincoln HS standout and current Indiana Pacer Lance Stephenson NY state scoring record. Girard came in tonight 39 points shy of the record 2,946 points Stephenson had since 2009. Girard finished with 44 points as he led his team to a 74-68 win vs Amsterdam HS.

Girard’s road to the top of the state’s all time scoring list began in eighth grade where he averaged 21.7 points per game. In ninth grade, Girard averaged 32.3 points per game and last season he averaged 36.8 points per game. The amazing part of breaking the New York State scoring record is that Girard is only a High School junior. He’s on track to be the only boys player in New York State history to score 3,000 points in High School. He should break that 3,000 point barrier as he’s averaging 50.1 points per game this season.

Once Girard passes 3,000 points, there will only be one person in New York state high school basketball history who he can catch, and that’s Caryn Kovatch. (formerly Caryn Schoff) She scored 3,550 points playing for St. Johnsville High School. She’s scored more points than any boy or girl in New York State history and her record still stands 22 years later.

Girard holds 17 NCAA Division I scholarship offers, the most recent came from the University of Michigan. He also has offers from Saint John’s, Syracuse, George Washington, BYU (alma mater of former Glens Falls HS great Jimmer Fredette), and Penn State. Girard is also a standout quarterback as well. He has offers to play both football and basketball at Massachusetts and Tulane.

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