Jimmy Butler holds players-only meeting with Timberwolves one day after pra
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Jimmy Butler has reportedly continued to make his presence felt in Minnesota. Just a day after showing up at practice for the first time all season and causing an absolute scene while he was there, Butler apparently called a players-only meeting to air everything out. 

According to Shams Charania of The Athletic, that included his grievances with Timberwolves management as well as his feelings toward his teammates. 

Per Charania’s report, other players spoke during the meeting, but Butler made it clear that he was in charge. He also reiterated that he would not sit out regular-season games, and echoed similar thoughts to the ones he shared during Wednesday’s sit-down interview with ESPN. 

However, Jeff Teague soon responded by denying that such a meeting took place. Not that things were mischaracterized or exaggerated, Teague striaght up accused Charania of making up his report. 

That alone would be very bizarre, as it seems highly unlikely that a well-respected reporter like Charania would simply make things up. But it got even stranger when Butler soon confirmed to ESPN that he did indeed hold a player’s only meeting. 

Regardless, it’s yet another example of no one in Minnesota being on the same page. 

During Wednesday’s practice, Butler reportedly challenged not only the Timberwolves’ leadership, including Tom Thibodeau and Scott Layden, but also Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins. Additionally, Butler apparently took a team of third-stringers and easily beat the starters during a scrimmage. 

While there’s plenty of reason to see Butler’s tirade at practice on Wednesday as yet another attempt to force his way out of Minnesota, it appears that didn’t work. The most recent reports seem to point to Butler beginning the season with the Wolves — something even Butler is apparently resigned to. Only the Miami Heat appear to be engaged with the Wolves on any serious trade discussions, but the two sides recently had a nearly completed deal fall apart over the weekend. 

Butler’s recent actions will certainly make things interesting if he is indeed still on the team when the Wolves’ season begins. It seems he’s willing to at least show up and put in the work to win games, though it will absolutely be his way, and his way only. Will the rest of the young Wolves fall in line? Or will this already shaky locker room completely fracture? Only time will tell. 

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