January 2019
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Isaiah Washington is Putting NYC Hoops on His Back
1 year ago


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Isaiah Washington will be an incoming freshman at the University of Minnesota in the fall, but his game was uniquely forged in Harlem. Over the past year he took over a lion’s share of the high school hoops hype with his unique style and New York showmanship.

Nicknamed “Jelly” for his smooth style of laying the ball in and feather soft finger rolls, Isaiah elected to remain in NYC for his high school career. That makes him an anomaly in the basketball world, as countless top talents from NYC schools have either enrolled at schools in New Jersey or in the New England Prep league.

Along the way he starred in tournaments like City is Mine, where top talent from the five boroughs square up. It has made him a legend at the age of 18, but the reality of his life is a bit more complicated, as he splits time between his grandmother’s apartment in Harlem and his coach’s apartment in the Bronx. For Isaiah, the gym has always been his home away from home, and becoming the next great NYC point guard was a rite of passage.

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