How will Kevin Durant’s comments on LeBron James impact 2019’s free agency?
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On Wednesday, Kevin Durant may some eyebrow-raising comments about the atmosphere around LeBron James. Durant said that the environment around James is “toxic” due to the attention that it commands. Ever since James joined the Lakers, of course, they’ve been must-see TV again, and James has brought a veritable media frenzy with him to Los Angeles.

As questions continue to surround Durant regarding what he’ll do this offseason, one of the possibilities remains him joining James in Los Angeles. Durant has been mum about what he himself would like to do, however, so everything is just speculation at this point.

On Thursday’s “Off the Bench” podcast, Danny Kanell and Raja Bell peer into Durant’s comments and try to decipher what they could mean. The Lakers and Warriors are arguably the two most popular teams in the NBA right now, with LeBron commanding the most attention. They also look into whether or not Durant’s comments are true, and what James’ presence means both on and off the court. Finally, they look into Durant’s motivation behind saying this now, and also talk about whether or not stars are being repelled by James’ presence.

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