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The Oklahoma City Thunder swung for the faces during the summer of 2017 when they acquired the likes of Paul George and Carmelo Anthony in separate trades.

Even though Anthony only played one season in Oklahoma City, he definitely enjoyed his time there. Prior to Thursday’s game between the Thunder an the Houston Rockets in OKC, Anthony made it clear that Oklahoma City holds “a special place” in his heart and he really appreciated being accepted with open arms when he arrived there last season. 

From the Houston Chronicle:

“Going back to New York was a little different last year,” Anthony said. “In Denver, it was a little different because that next year was a lockout, so we didn’t get a chance to go back to Denver. I didn’t go back to Denver for another year, year and a half. Some time went by when I was able to kind of just settle into New York. Going back to Denver will always be special because that’s where it all started for me.

“Going back to OKC, that held a special place because that was the kind of organization, the team, the community that opened their arms up to me last year, brought me in, took me in. I really felt part of that community last year.”

Anthony has obviously done this type of thing before where he knows that the reception could go either way in terms of fans cheering or booing. When he takes the floor on Thursday night in Oklahoma City, it’s unclear what type of reception he will receive. The veteran forward has spent time with the Denver Nuggets and New York Knicks in addition to the Thunder and now the Rockets.

During his lone season with the Thunder, Anthony put together averages of 16.2 points and 5.8 rebounds while shooting just 35.7 percent from beyond the arc. It was one of the less productive years of Anthony’s career, but he still doesn’t look back on his time with the Thunder in a negative light.

“I think it’s a great atmosphere, whether you’re home or an away team,” Anthony added. “You want to be a part of atmosphere like that, where the fans are in tune to the game from the second that you walk into the arena to the game. That energy is just different. If you’re a competitor, you have to just love that type of atmosphere.”

The experiment in Oklahoma City ended with Anthony being moved as part of a three-team deal and ultimately netted the Thunder Dennis Schroder. During his first season in Houston, Anthony was been primarily used as a reserve and has chipped in 14.7 points per contest off the team’s bench. 

At this stage of his career, Anthony is interested in playing for a contender and chasing that elusive first championship ring. Regardless of how his career ends, his stint with the Thunder appears to be a very important one for the former third overall pick.

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